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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Winter Greenhouse Goodies

On a cold winters day nothing warms your heart more than seeing changes in the plants in the greenhouse. Over 1 week ago the buds of  Colchicum kesselringii emerged.  My greenhouse is kept heated at 3-8 Celcius , and when the sun shines it can reach 15 Celcius. I have a fan to cycle out warm air so it remains cooler. For the last week plus we have had sub-zero temperatures.

The plants I grow in the greenhouse vary from South African bulbs, to other bulb genera such as Crocus, Tecophilaea, Calochortus to name a few. I also grow alpines, Onco, Juno, and Reticulate Irises, and Asarum. The list goes on. Featured here is C. kesselringii, a late winter blooming Colchicum. This Colchicum is found in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The colour of the exterior petal is extremely variable. Mine are varied in colour as seen below. It blooms when leaves are present, and is a small Colchicum, 3-4" in height. There are two corms in the pot, and I will likely add to this post, once there are more flowers. More greenhouse goodies to come......


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