Lily Lion Heart

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Endemics of the Bokkeveld Plateau

The Bokkeveld Plateau can truly claim to be one of the world's most exciting wild flower areas. The plateau covers an area some 100km by 75 km. The Bokkeveld was so named over 250 years ago by the first white settlers because of the vast herds of game that abounded there such as zebra, wildebeest, and springbok.  Nieuwoudtville is one of the many towns located in this area, and boasts the title of 'Bulb Capital of the World'. Some endemics that I saw and photographed on my recent trip represent a kaleidoscope of colour, and texture.

Lapeirousia oreogena

Bulbinella latifolia v. doleritica

Zaluzianskya violacea

Alonsoa unilabiata

Bulbinella eburnifolia

Romulea sabulosa

Sparaxis elegans

Sparaxis tricolor

Hesperantha vaginata


  1. I've been looking at similar pics of my own all evening. Great memories!

  2. Yes, especially since winter in Canada is almost upon us.

  3. sooooooo gorgeous!! love the alonsoa and the zaluzianskya. coveting!! thanks for posting these amazing photos. i also like all the antelopes.

  4. Hi Vincent, Glad your enjoying the photos. The Alonsoa unilabiata is crazy isn't it, so unusual. There's lots more to come!