Lily Lion Heart

Monday, 18 May 2015

Outing to Lost Horizons Nursery

Over the long weekend I ventured out to Lost Horizons. Tradition dictates that this occurs each May 24 weekend, and sometimes in Autumn. I always wander towards the trial beds where he grows some rare, and exceptional treasures, dividing these for sale when they have clumped nicely.

Podophyllum emodi

Podophyllum hexandrum pink flower

Trillium albidum

Trillium chloropetalum var. giganteum

Trillium grandiflorum flore pleno- a very expensive double form.

Anemonella thalictroides  'Cameo'

Cypripedium Pluto- A Frosch hybrid which I could not resist buying. There are 4 dirt marks on the labellum that splashed up from watering at the Nursery. Didn't realize it until after photographing it.

Glaucidium palmatum- the flowers remind me of  lilac tissue paper, very delicate. Mine is in bud for the 1st time this year.

Hydrastis canadensis- I love this native woodland plant aka Goldenseal with its refined foliage, and white flowers like tiny tenticles meeting at one point. Must get this plant, elsewhere we Lost Horizons does not offer it.

Epimedium cultivar with its arachnid like petals

Epimedium beni-yushima

Epimedium Harold Epstein

Epimedium Harold Epstein burgundy calyces


  1. Love all the woodland plants. Wish I could have Glaucidium and Podophyllum growing in mounds in my yard!

  2. They are superb woodland plants, a lovely addition to any shade garden.

  3. Made a morning trip to Lost Horizons and just finished planting Cypripedium 'Pluto' and 'Phillip' as well as four Meconopsis to a ring at the base of a golden Metasequoia.... fingers crossed. Glaucidium is sublime and clumps up relatively quickly.

  4. Where can I get Clematis Tenuiloba Ylva? Lisa (Alberta)

    1. You’re only option is Harvey Wrightman alpines.