Lily Lion Heart

Sunday 28 August 2011

Salvia guaranitica ' Black & Blue '

Salvia guaranitica is a lovely annual shrublike plant from South America. The common name is Anise-Scented Sage which I feel does not aptly describe its scent. If you want to attract Hummingbirds to your garden this is the plant to do it with.  Just yesterday I saw the lovely Ruby-Throated Hummingbird sipping its sweet nectar. What a sight to behold! This plant also generates garden interest from other gardeners.  It is one of my favourites as the combination of the flower a lovely deep blue set against the deep purple calyx make this a sensational Salvia.

This Salvia forms tubers that can be stored over winter like Dahlias to be replanted in the garden next summer. Who knew!  This is a plant of great garden interest that is now garnering appreciation from keen gardeners.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Great Balls of Fire!

Scadoxus multiflorus is a gorgeous bulb from South Africa.  I have not grown it for many many years and decided to grow it again,. Boy I am glad I did. I had forgotten the hypnotic beauty it possesses. This Genus use to be under the Genus Haemanthus which translates to Blood flower. It is very slow to get going after planting in mid April as it requires a great deal of sun and heat to prode it into growing. We had an abundance of both this summer. The spectacular flower is a huge spherical umbel consisting of up to 200 flowers held clear of the foliage. The flowers last 1-2 weeks. I have a great affinity for South African plants and they are some of the most biodiverse in the plant kingdom not to mention respledent!  This fact will be revealed in future posts. Enjoy the firework display!

Sunday 7 August 2011

Chirita Dielsii

This delightful plants hails from China and is a Gesneriad. It hs been blooming in the shade of my outdoor greenhouse since June.  It is one of my favourite plants in my collection. I adore it.