Lily Lion Heart

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Crazy for Cono's

I simply adore Mesembs, and have been collecting them, and growing them from seeds for a few years now. Conophytum in particular is my favourite Genera. Conophytums have such interesting shapes, body colours, and markings. They are utterly fascinating!  I currently grow 16 species. Below is C. cupreatum, almost 2 years old, and raised from seed. Note the transparent bodies with markings that run through the bodies like veins. One could almost see right through them. Most interesting however, is the little pimple ( flower bud) in the foreground just waiting to break the skin. It seems that it has been suspended in time inside the body, and is screaming to get out but can`t quite make it. I am not sure if this bud will mature, as it should have burst through the skin by now. Such a curiosity!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Indian Summer

Well it would appear that our Indian Summer is here. I spent the day raking leaves, and when done promptly dropped on my sofa, and had a siesta. On the property there is a Silver, Red and Norway Maple. They are all well over 100 years old, and take a lot of my energy in the Fall. Ohhhh the constant raking! What a stellar day it was 16 Celcius, and sunny with a light wind. My garden is filled with many different colours, and textures. The Nerine have just started blooming, but are late due to the cooler than normal fall. That will be a separate post.

Hydrangea- Fall colour

Crocus speciosus

Acer sp.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Weeping Golden Toad Lily

Tricyrtis macrantha ssp. macranthopsis is a fabulous plant which has an arching habit, best appreciated cascading over rocks in a woodland garden. It is native to Japan, and loves a moist well-drained humus rich soil in shade. It bears bright yellow pendant blooms close to 2" long with delightful maroon spots within. It blooms September-October when very little else is. It is simply stunning!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Heavenly Haemanthus

H. albiflos my garden

H. albiflos in habitat Somerset East, SA.

H. carneus-Waainek Reserve, SA.

H. montanus- Bedford, SA.

H. humilis- Amatola Mtns.