Lily Lion Heart

Monday, 23 June 2014

Hodge Podge of things blooming in and out of the garden

Bulbophyllum thaiorum

Turbinocarpus krainzianus

Euphorbia bupleurifolia flowers

Lilium formosanum pricei

Delosperma modderport

Dianthus microlepis

Gladiolus imbricatus

Killdeer on eggs

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summer flowering bulbs of South Africa Take 2.

The summer solstice has arrived! When I went to South Africa in January 2012, there was a plethora of bulbous material to photograph. As it is officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere I thought I would feature more bulbs that we can grow outside for summer.  Separate posts were done on Genera such as Haemanthus, Albuca, Eucomis, Nerine, and Brunsvigia, at that time. Please feel free to check out older posts from 2012, and 2013. Enjoy!!

Drimia uniflora with Crassula orbicularis foliage

Drimia nocturnale

Eriospermum zeyheri

Bulbine abyssinica

Dipcadi viride

Tritonia disticha

Agapanthus praecox

Watsonia pillansii

Galtonia candicans

Crocosmia masoniorum

Tulbaghia montana

Romulea thodei

Romulea macowanii

Massonia wittibergensis

Moraea alticola

Cyrtanthus breviflorus
Gloriosa superba

Dietes grandiflora

Clivia nobilis

Monday, 16 June 2014

Fauna of Uganda

In March of this year I embarked on a trip of a lifetime to Uganda, to do some chimpanzee, and gorilla trekking, and to see the numerous animals, and bird species. What spectacular wildlife, scenery, people, and above all animals; in particular the famed mountain gorilla. Mountain gorillas can only be found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. Only Rwanda, and Uganda are safe to travel to. The experience was overwhelming, not to mention very special. Something I will always cherish, and never forget. I was very blessed to have been able to take this trip. The animals that inhabit Uganda come from the savannah, forests, and mountains; a truly unique biodiversity.
Vervet Monkey- Mihingo Lodge

Topi- Lake Mburo Naional Park

Burchell's Zebra- Lake Mburo National Park

Blue-headed Agama- Kyaninga Lodge

Southern White Rhino- extinct in Uganda- re-introduced into Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary- Here they are monitored 24/7 against poaching.

Rothschild's Giraffe- Murchison Falls N.P.

Kanyonyi- Male Silverback Gorilla in the Mubare Group- Bwindi Impentrable Forest

Kisho Adult Female

Spotted Hyena- Murchison Falls National Park

Warthog- Lake Mburo N.P.

Warthog with her young- Murchison Falls N.P.

Black and White Colobus Monkey- Murchison Falls N.P.

Red Colobus Monkey- Bigodi Wetlands

African Elephant- Victoria Nile

African Elephant- Kazinga Channel

Male Impala- Lake Mburo N.P.

Female Impala
Bushbuck- L.M.N.P.

Crocodile- Lake Mburo

Nile Crocodile- Victoria Nile
Hippos- Lake Mburo

Hippos- Victoria Nile

Ugandan Kob- Q.E.N.P.

Chimpanzee- Kibale Forest - Kibale N.P.

Cape Buffalo- Kazinga Channel

Cape Buffalo- L.M.N.P.
Leopard- Lake Mburo N.P.- on a night game drive

Waterbuck- Murchison Falls N.P.

Waterbuck- Q.E.N.P.

Olive Baboon- Q.E.N.P.

Oribi- Murchison Falls N.P.

Lioness with cubs, however we did not see them. Murchison Falls N.P.
Jackson's Haartebeest- Murchison Falls N.P.