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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Flora of Uganda

 A few days ago I returned from a safari to Uganda to see the Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and rich bird life. The trip was dedicated to seeing the animals, and birds, however my roving eyes were always looking at the flora, particularly that which was native, and not introduced.

Uganda is lush, mountainous, and verdant, with only the Savannah being dry ( at this time of year)with a great variety of Acacia species. It is now the start of the rainy season. The paucity of flowers was evident, however now that the rainy season has started flowers will likely appear in all areas of the country in the coming month. Some have already started to flower with the start of the rains. The Eulophia species below a terrestrial orchid mostly found in Africa was particularly special to see.

Kigelia africana- Sausage Tree- at the edge of the Victoria Nile

Eulophia cucullata - at Kyaninga Crater Lake- Fort Portal

Scadoxus multiflorus- Bigodi Wetlands

Waterlily- Bigodi Wetlands

Flower resting on leaf- Kyambura Gorge

Fungus- Kyambura Gorge

Pink flowers- Ishasha- Queen Elizabeth National Park

Diaphananthe fragrantissima- Mihingo Lodge- Lake Mburo

Sansevieria sp.
Erythrina abyssinica- Bigodi Wetlands

Euphorbia candelabrum- Lake Mburo N.P.
Gladiolus dalenii form- Kyaninga crater lake