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Monday, 19 August 2013

Orchid Obsessions

Recently I went to visit my friends Terry and Doug Kennedy proprietors of Orchids n' Our Tropics. They are orchids growers extraordinaire. Terry is an accredited AOS judge which takes her all over the world judging. When you step into their greenhouse you feel as if you were in the Tropics 365 days of the year. On a weekly basis there is always something captivating in bloom. While there I also visited their lovely garden. Below are some of the stunningly beautiful orchids that were on display at the time of my visit. They grow and sell many unusual, and seldom grown orchids. Naturally,  a few of these unusual gems came home with me.

Nepenthes sp.

Bulbophyllum carunculatum 'Magnifico'
Gongora flaveola
Dendrobium lawesii bicolor

Dendro. l. bicolor
Dendro. l. bicolor

Ceologyne  speciosa `Greengold`
Dendrobium Gatton Sunray
Zootrophion hypodiscus 'Marauder'

Pleurothallis killipii

Phragmipedium caudatum

Bulbophyllum 'Stella Mizuta'
Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow Charming

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Orchids of South Africa

South Africa has a rich diversity of orchid species. When one goes on a botanical trip it is generally all encompassing; meaning you will see bulbous flora, orchids, herbaceous, woodland plants, alpines, and trees, and shrubs. Seeing these orchids in situ was very special. If one can time a trip to the blooming seasons of these remarkable orchids, one can see a great deal. The most commonly grown orchid outside of South Africa is Disa uniflora http://www.plantzafrica.com/plantcd/disauniflora.htm. This beautiful fiery red flowered orchid comes from Table Mountain. I have grown it, however it did succumb soon after. It is not for the faint of heart.  The photos below were taken in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in January 2012.

Disa lugens- Somerset East- This genus contains 169 species native to Southern Africa and Madagascar.

Disa chrysostachya - Gaika's kop- Amatola Mtns.

Disa chrysostachya

Disa pulchra- Gaika's kop

Disa sagittalis- Gaika's kop

Disa versicolor- Gaika's kop

Disa veriscolor

Disa cooperi- Maclear

Disa stachyoides- Maclear

Disa oreophila- Maclear

Disa thodei- Maclear

Disa porrecta- Balloch

Disa polygonoides -Kei Mouth

Disa polygonoides
Disa sp.
Holothrix scopularia- Naudesnek- This genus contains 55 species that occur in Africa.

Eulophia welwitschii- Maclear- This genus contains 210 species found in Africa, Asia, India, Australia, and the Americas most of which are found in Africa.

Eulophia foliosa- Quanti

Eulophia macowanii- Quanti

Eulophia ensata- Grahamstown

Satyrium neglectum- Gaika's kop- This genus contains 91 species found mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Satyrium longicauda- Gaika's kop

Satyrium sphaerocarpum- Kei Mouth

Satyrium sphaerocarpum

Corycium nigrescens- Gaika's kop- This genus contains only 14 species found in eastern and southern Africa. They are called Monkshood Orchids.

Corycium nigrescens

Schizochilus zeyheri- Gaika's kop- This genus contains 20 species in Africa.

Disperis renibractea- Satansnek Pass- This genus contains 74 species found in many parts of the world.

Disperis renibractea

Cyrtorchis arcuata- Kei Mouth- This genus contains approx. 10 species found in Africa.

Cyrtorchis arcuata

Stenoglottis fimbriata out of bloom- Kei Mouth- This genus contains 4 species found in Africa.