Lily Lion Heart

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Explosion of colours! I`m dazzled by Dionysia!

Dionysia ` Annielle `
Dionysia` Annielle`and D. aretioides

Greenhouse view in the glorious sunshine
Narcissus cyclamineus

Tecophilaea cyanocrocus var. leichtlinii

T. cyanocrocus

Asarum sp.

Monday 16 February 2015

My oasis in the grips of Winter

Yesterday was a bitterly cold winter day. I didn't dare open the greenhouse as the high was -20 C. I knew there were some things peaking, budding, and in full bloom. Today was much better, still bitter,  -15, so I opened the greenhouse, and snapped a few photos as quickly as I could.

Romulea komsbergensis- closed flower with beautiful exterior petal striations

Romulea tempskyana

Dionysia 'Annielle'

Dionysia aretioides

More gems to come......