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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Crocus pulchellus (pretty) and Crocus speciosus (showy)

Crocus pulchellus and speciosus are found growing all around The Black Sea from Crimea on through the Caucasus Mountains and northern Turkey. They are both at their peak bloom mid-late October. Sadly our weather at this time becomes overcast and rainy for the most part.  What this means for the Crocus blossoms is flopping over from the rains, the leaves falling around them and on them and the winds.  The result crocuses laying on the ground some damaged some undamaged and some still standing upright. Given that they only bloom when it is sunny you can understand my anticipation  as I wait for them every Fall. I bathe in the pulchritude of this flower.

The flowers are purple and cup-shaped with a yellow throat and orange stigma. They both like moisture during the summer as well as a hot baking from the sun.

As I work full-time, I cherish the weekends and pray for sun as this is my only chance to see the charm and beauty of these fall stunners that evoke thoughts of treks through the Caucasus.

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