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Thursday 5 April 2012

Kool Kohlerias

Kohlerias are Gesneriads from Central and South America. There are many species and hybrids in a stunning array of colours with attractive foliage. They are scaly rhizomatous plants that are easy to grow. Their leaves are generally hairy and the tubular flowers brighly coloured with spotting.
They enjoy high humidity and grow best under warm grow lights. They are most rewarding as they bloom for at least 2 months. Close to the end of their cycle the leaves will start to dry a bit at the tips and most of the flowers will have finished. They are now ready for dormancy. I generally let them wither, watering sparingly and then stopping completely.
I leave mine dormant for the summer and repot them in August. Some rhizomes are quite long and unusual looking. I have grown many hybrids and species over the years and now grow the 3 hybrids below. 
Brazil Gem has bright lipstick red flowers with a yellow throat and red spots against the background of lovely chocolate foliage. Karl Lindberg is a cerise pink with dark spots and Lono is pink with a green/yellow/purple face with dark purple spots.

K. Brazil Gem

K. Karl Lindberg
K. Lono

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