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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Milky Milkweeds (Asclepiads)

On my recent botanical trip ( Jan. 2012) to Eastern Cape, South Africa we came across 4 species of a beautiful Genus called Pachycarpus (Asclepiadaceae). Pachy- thick Carpus- fruit, refers to the thick-skinned fruits.This Genus and the species that we encountered made such an impression on me that I was tinkering with the idea of doing of post, so here it is. These plants for me were one of the most fascinating and unique of my trip. The trip focus was bulbous plants, however many earthly and odd delights were found. South Africa holds a great deal of fascination for me, and always has, mostly due to the fact that it has such great bio-diversity, comprising very unique flora and fauna representing many different biomes.

Pachycarpus makes up some 37 species and are found throughout much of sub-saharan Africa in grasslands or open woodland. They have stout annual stems arising from a tuberous rootstock. The species found below grow in the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal in grasslands.

P. concolor

P. reflectens

P. grandiflorus

P. grandiflorus 'yellow form'

P. campanulatus

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