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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Aromatic Albuca

Yesterday I hosted a fabulous garden party for Cameron and Rhoda McMaster, who travelled all the way from South Africa to spend some time here in the Northern Hemisphere. A good time was had by all, and the weather was perfect.  I was in my element, and thrilled to share, and talk with Cameron about my collection of SA plants.  I thought to myself , why not do a post on Albuca, afterall, I have my recent trip photos I can include. How lovely would that be!
Albuca shawii is currently blooming in my pot, and A. humilis has already finished. A. shawii has fragrant flowers, and the grass-like foliage smells like a lemon or lime when rubbed slightly. The plant has a great deal of garden merit with candelabras of small nodding yellow flowers, with a green central stripe. Albuca is a genus from South Africa with approx. 70 species. The Albuca featured here come from the summer-rainfall region.

A. shawii

A. fastigiata (Cradock)

A. humilis (Naudes Nek)

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