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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Dynamic Dierama

Dierama called Fairy Fishing Rods or Fairy Wands contain approximately 45 species endemic to the eastern parts of South Africa extending to Ethiopia in East Africa.
Dierama is an evergreen, mainly summer growing geophyte. It has long, narrow tough fibrous foliage and pendulous bell-shaped flowers in shades of white, yellow, pink, magenta, mauve or maroon. It is recognized by its wiry, usually drooping spikes, and it can be quite dramatic in the garden. The rootstock is a corm. I currently have 7 month old seedlings of D. igneum. Below are my photographs in habitat from my recent trip to the Eastern Cape, RSA.

D. atrum (Quanti)

D. pulcherrimum (Amatola Mtns)

D. reynoldsii (Maclear)

D. pauciflorum (Drakensberg Mtns)

D. robustum (Drakensberg Mtns)

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  1. My two plants look very healthy this year, if only I could get them to bloom!