Lily Lion Heart

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Whimsical, Weird and Wonderful Woodland Plants

On Sept. 2nd my friend Vincent and I took a road trip to Lost Horizons Nursery in Acton, ON. This nursery is the epitome of quietude, gentle breezes, trickling water, woodlands, wildlife and plants galore. The stock beds, and display gardens are delightful, not to mention the hoop houses, and grounds where are the sales plants are. We both lost ourselves here for almost 4 hours simply enjoying the sensory overload of images, colours , textures and shapes. It is truly an artists palette.  Naturally, I left my good SLR camera at home so I used my Blackberry to take some pictures, of which the qu\lity isn't as good. This time of year is lovely as many things are in fruit displaying their wares, while others have just begin blooming. The transition that occurs this time of year is remarkable.  A trip to this nursery is a must for the connoisseur. There is always something to see, and more importantly something to buy.

Arisaema serratum berries

Arum italicum berries

Anemonopsis macrophylla

Gentiana sino-ornata 'Kingfisher'

Deinanthe bifida

Actaea dahurica

Actaea dahurica

Actaea 'Misty Blue' berries

Diphylleia cymosa berries

Phytolacca sp. berries

Phytolacca americana 'Silberstein'

Paeonia caucasica Fruit

Paeonia sp. fruit


  1. Ahhh, that which is Lost Horizons! I worked there for a year and a bit before the vehicle gave out, and it was there that I developed a passion for all things shady, woodland, and Asian where genera is concerned! I love that you can, as you say, lose oneself for four hours without having harassing staff checking up on you, motivated by sales commissions and the likes! Many of my favourite treasures come from this sublime woodland oasis!

    1. I like you, adore all things Asian, that is to say Chinese and Japanese Woodland plants. Lost Horizons is truly a delighful respite from the city with its prelapsarian peacefulness!