Lily Lion Heart

Thursday 25 October 2012

Crazy for Cono's

I simply adore Mesembs, and have been collecting them, and growing them from seeds for a few years now. Conophytum in particular is my favourite Genera. Conophytums have such interesting shapes, body colours, and markings. They are utterly fascinating!  I currently grow 16 species. Below is C. cupreatum, almost 2 years old, and raised from seed. Note the transparent bodies with markings that run through the bodies like veins. One could almost see right through them. Most interesting however, is the little pimple ( flower bud) in the foreground just waiting to break the skin. It seems that it has been suspended in time inside the body, and is screaming to get out but can`t quite make it. I am not sure if this bud will mature, as it should have burst through the skin by now. Such a curiosity!

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