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Sunday 3 February 2013

Bold Beauties!

I always look forward to February as this is when my Sinnigias wake up from their brief dormancy to once again display their gorgeous tubular  flowers in colours of  red, pink, orange , white, purple, mauve, and some are spotted. The species featured here are Sinningia micans and S. iarae. They both come from the Sao Paolo state of Brazil. I grow mine with the tuber raised to create an unusual aesthetic.

 Sinningia micans has red candelabra-like flowers which rise from the top of a set of 4 leaves. This Sinningia is harder to bloom , and I find that when it sprouts new growth I end up taking most of it off.  If I do not, the result will be no buds, as the tuber has put all of its energy into the growth points. Leaving 1 or 2 tips gets results. The pollen from Sinnigia flowers tends to fall onto the leaves dotting it with a dusting of sulphur yellow.  The tuber surface looks like the parched desert of  the Kalahari.

Sinningia iarae- has orange or salmon coloured blooms. This Sinningia is easy to please, and I can flower it 2-3 times per year. It is very floriferous, with the tuber somewhat rounded. The dormant period is very brief, as least under my growing methods. The leaves are deep forest green in contrast to S. micans which is a lawn green.

Sinningia mican

Sinningia iarae

S. micans (top)
S. iarae( below)

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