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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Charming July vignettes

This past weekend I visited a few charming gardens in the area of the Niagara escarpment. Below are some of the lovely photos taken. The day was sweltering,  however the air was clean , and the sky that azure blue of summer. What a perfect day indeed!

Primula bullyena- Deirdre and David Tomlinson's garden
Green Tree Frog hanging out in a Veronicastrum sp.- Native garden of Darcie McKelvey
Echinacea tennesseensis- at home in the alvar at Darcie McKelvey's

Actaea sp. ( formerly Cimicifuga)- Darcie McKelvey's garden

Nymphaea sp.- Water Lily pond in the garden of Liz & George Knowles
Gentiana sp.- garden of Liz and George Knowles
Kniphofia sp.- garden of Liz and George Knowles

Gypsophila aretioides caucasica- scree bed- Liz and George Knowles

Ramonda myconi- 4 basal rosettes carrying seed- scree bed- Liz and George Knowles

Lilium formosanum pricei- This is on my list. Stunning, at full bloom in the scree bed- Liz and George Knowles garden.

Dysosma versipelle- formerly Podophyllum - a rare Chinese Mayapple- immense umbrella like leaves. Liz and George's garden

Lilium taliense- Liz and George's garden
Prunus maackii- in fruit- fabulous Cherry Tree from China. The yellow-bellied sapsuckers can kill these trees, as they pound numerous holes in the bark extracting sap.

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