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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Luscious Lachenalia

I am just back from a month long trip to both the Western, and Northern Capes of South Africa. Many Geophytes, succulents, annuals, and Proteaceae made such an impression on me. South Africa never ceases to captivate me.  There was such an abundance of plant and animal life, and the sheets of colour in Namaqualand was nothing sort of stunning, and vast. My first post back I thought I would highlight the genus Lachenalia, one of the many Geophytes that interests me. Lachenalia is named after a Swiss botanist Werner de Lachenal, and comprises some 115 species confined to South Africa. I am aching to buy the Monograph on Lachenalia by Graham Duncan, however it is a bit steep. Nevertheless, it is on my book list, and a must for lovers of Lachenalia.

Lachenalia pallida- Jakobsbaai

Lachenalia pustulata- Jakobsbaai


Lachenalia rubida-Jakobsbaai

Lachenalia hirta- Elands Bay

Lachenalia mutabilis- Gifberg

L. mutabilis- Nieuwoudtville

L. carnosa- Kamieskroon
L.carnosa- Kamieskroon

L. framesii- Knersvlakte

L. elegans var. elegans- Nieuwoudtville

L. elegans var. suaveolens- Nieuwoudtville

L. violacea- Nieuwoudtville


L. bulbifera- De Hoop Reserve

L. contaminata- De Hoop Reserve

L. juncifolia- De Hoop Reserve

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