Lily Lion Heart

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Glorious Gladiolus

On my recent trip to South Africa's Western Cape, we encountered several stunning winter-rainfall Gladiolus species. Many have beautiful colours and markings on the tepals, and many are scented, making this Genus very pleasant to encounter. There are close to 250 species with the highest concentration found in the Western Cape of South Africa.

G. bullatus- Overberg

G. gracilis- Overberg

G. debilis- Overberg

G. liliaceus- Overberg

G. virescens- Overberg

G. watermeyeri- Nieuwoudtville

G. venustus- Gifberg

G. alatus- Gifberg

G. orchidiflorus- Jakobsbaai

G. meliusculus- Darling


  1. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog and i think its amazing. The photos you post are beautiful and i cant even imagine where you find all of the bulbs in the wild. So cool,

  2. Thanks for the kudos Jeremy. Glad you enjoyed the photos. A good camera does it all. Seeing bulbs in habitat requires taking a botanical trip where the local guides/botanists take you to these localities; often in the middle of nowhere. That is the secret. That's my kind of trip!