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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Birds of Uganda

In the month of March I went on safari to Uganda. They have over 1100 bird species, which accounts for over half the bird species on the continent of Africa. It is a birder's paradise. The reason for this is that there are lush forests, the Rwenzori mountains, the Albertine Rift Valley, and the mighty Nile River. I saw a mere 80 species on my trip. The bird life is remarkable, colourful, and unusual. Such an unforgettable experience. Everywhere you go you hear a cacophony of birds singing, morning, noon , and night. Something my ears are always attuned to. 
Pied Kingfishers- Kazinga Channel

Pied Kingfishers- Victoria Nile

Malachite Kingfisher- Lake Mburo

Female Malachite Kingfisher- Magombe Swamp, Bigodi Wetlands

Lesser-masked Weaver- Lake Mburo

Grey-crowned Cranes- Lake Bunyonyi- Uganda's national bird

Hamerkop- Lake Mburo

Ross's Turaco- Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

African Pied Wagtail- Lake Bunyonyi

African Blue Flycatcher- Lake Bunyonyi

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill- Murchison Falls N.P.

Crowned Hornbill- Kyaninga crater lake- Fort Portal

Red-throated Bee-eater- Victoria Nile

Northern carmine Bee-eater- Victoria Nile

Little Bee-eater- Lake Bunyonyi

African Wattled lapwing- Victoria Nile

Water Thick-knee- Victoria Nile

Yellow-billed Storks- Victoria Nile

Marabou Stork- Kazinga Channel

Abdim's Stork- Murchison Falls N.P.

African Fish Eagle- Lake Mburo

Palm-nut Vulture- Queen Elizabeth N.P.

Lappet-faced vulture- Q.E.N.P.

Common Squacco Heron-Victoria Nile

Goliath Heron- Kazinga Channel

Great Egret- Kazinga Channel

Little Egret- Kazinga Channel

Pink-backed Pelican- Kazinga Channel

Striated Heron- Lake Mburo

Shushi the male Shoebill Stork- This shoebill was confiscated from people who had captured it in the wild. Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre- Entebbe

African Jacana- Victoria Nile

Rock Pratincole- Victoria Nile

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