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Saturday 12 July 2014

South African Winter blooming orchids

South Africa has a rich variety of Orchidaceae. In 2013 I spent one month in Namaqualand, and the Western Cape which at that time was late winter in the southern hemisphere. I saw the most fascinating, and unusual looking orchids in my travels. Many of you know that there is a companion post to this one called Orchids of South Africa which I posted August 4, 2013. These orchids were from my first trip to South Africa to the Eastern Cape in January 2012. If you love orchids South Africa is the place to travel to. This September the 21st World Orchid Conference will be held in Johannesburg, S.A. I am not attending, but have some friends who are. Looking forward to seeing their photos, as well as the orchids they see in situ.

Disperis capensis-Boskloof- Klein River Mtns.

Satyrium carneum- De Hoop Reserve growing in sand and stone in full sun.

Disperis villosa- Napier

Disperis circumflexa- Gifberg

Pterygodium schelpe- Nieuwoudtville

Pterygodium hallii- Nieuwoudtville

Satyrium erectum- Naries Namaqua Retreat

Satyrium erectum- Gifberg

Satyrium bicorne- Gifberg

Satyrium pumilum- Gifberg- growing in a very wet site

Satyrium odorum- Jacobsbaai

Disa spathulata - with its unusual labellum - Gifberg


Holothrix aspera- Gifberg

Holothrix secunda- Elands Bay

Corycium orobanchoides- Jacobsbaai

Corycium orobanchoides

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