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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Ravishing Romulea

On my two trips to South Africa, I have seen, and photographed the beautiful genus Romulea. They are endemic to Africa, and the Mediterranean, and contain approximately 100 species. They are in the Iridaceae family. What truly sets them apart from other Irids are their shimmering tepals, looking like the finest silk; evident in species such as R. sabulosa. They also have intricate inner, and outer markings making them highly desirable for collection. Many species are small, and make excellent container subjects. Most Romulea from Africa are found in the winter rainfall parts of the Northern, and Western Cape, however there are a few summer rainfall species as noted below. Many of the winter rainfall species are now coming into bloom as it is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

R. hirta- Nieuwoudtville

Romulea flava- De Hoop Reserve

Romulea rosea- Napier

Romulea komsbergensis-Rooihoogte Pass

Romulea komsbergensis- different colour form- Middelpos

Romulea tortuosa- Middelpos

Romulea sabulosa- Nieuwoudtville

Romulea montana- Nieuwoudtville

Romulea kamiesensis- Kamieskroon

Romulea hirsuta- Oudepos

Romulea thodei- Naudes Nek, Eastern Cape- Summer rainfall species
Romulea macowanii- Naudes Nek, Eastern Cape- summer rainfall species

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