Lily Lion Heart

Sunday 10 May 2015

Everything is coming up roses, as the saying goes... except it's not roses

I love May, one of my favourite months of the years. All the trees, shrubs, and flowers are feverishly coming up through the soil, or their limbs are sprouting. Spring is the d├ębut, as they each put on their show of bloom., only for the curtain to fold for another year, particularly the ephemerals. The migratory song birds are all here now with one thing on their mind sex! They sing their lungs out , and display to attract the females, they feed them insects, and seeds, build their nests, and lay their eggs. My backyard feeder, and trees are alive with beautiful songs, and vibrant colours, as is the garden.

Phlox kelseyi

Clematis columbiana v. tenuiloba Ylva


Lewisia cotyledon cultivar

Rhodohypoxsis baurii Venetia

Arisaema sikkokianum

Disporum maculatum- common name Spotted Fairy Bells- a native plant to the southeastern U.S.

Resnova megaphylla unfurling its mottled leaves to reveal its flower.

Lewisia tweedyi- gifted to me by my gardening pal  Barry Parker who has since moved to Montreal. A lovely peachy coloured blossom

A bit of sunshine reflecting the hue of the flower

Jeffersonia dubia- an ephemeral native to Korea.

Allium shelkovnikovii- a choice dwarf Allium only 4-5` in height from NW Iran 

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