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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Captivating Cyclamen

Last year I acquired a cold greenhouse, much to my delight.  My friend Barry Parker asked me if I wanted a couple of Cyclamen species and I said 'Why not'. They are C. graecum and C. mirabile. I grew both these Cyclamen in my cool greenhouse for the winter. Well now they are blooming, and are captivating. Cyclamen graecum comes from SE Greece, the Peloponnese. The tuber is quite round, and the foliage and flowers emerge at the same time. The leaves show great variation in their marbling pattern which makes it a highly desirable Cyclamen to grow. The flowers vary from pale to dark pink with three magenta veins at the base of the flower. The flowers of C. mirabile (from Turkey) are much smaller, and charming. This species has just started to bloom. Thank you Barry, for these lovely additions to my greenhouse.

C. graecum

C. mirabile

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  1. So glad you're enjoying these, just wait 'til you see the foliage on C. miracle, they are spectacular!