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Saturday, 16 February 2013


The Southern Ontario Orchid Society held its annual show at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. This occurs every February. It was a perfect day to be in the tropics, as the temperatures outdoor were sub-zero.
It never disappoints, and today was no different. I met many friends, some of whom I haven't seen in many years. It was lovely to reconnect with them. The draw was the kaleidoscope of beautiful orchids in every colour known to man, with the unusual colours chocolate brown, and black velvet. The shapes, textures, foliage, scents, hues and sizes, completely overwhelm you. I like to call it, sensory overload. Orchids are alluring and mysterious conjuring up images of orchids thieves, high prices, and dangerous plant expeditions. There are between  20,000-26,000 species with over 800 Genera. Orchidaceae are one of the two largest families in the plant kingdom. They exist all over the world, with the exception of Antarctica.

Whimsical Hanging Orchid Display

Paphiopedilum malipoense

Dendrobium alexandrae

Bulbophyllum echinolabium
Pleurothallis sp.

Display of Masdevallia sp.

Dracula vampira
Paph. fairrieanum x godefroyae

Paph. sangii

Japanese Neofinetia falcata ( Fukiran)

Phalaenopsis cultivar
Catasetum Orchidglade Davie Ranch
Dendrobium Burgundy Black

Paph. niveum

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