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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Arilbred Iris

Aril Iris is an iris of the Oncocyclus or Regelia group or a hybrid among or between them.  Hybrids involving Aril Iris and ( Eupogon) bearded Irises are call " Arilbreds".  I bought some last year through the Aril International Society of which I am a member.  There are beginner to advanced Iris in this group. The ones below are hybrids of Oncos, Regelia, and bearded Iris, and because they have less Onco in them they are amenable to the garden here. There are no hard and fast rules to grow them except to try the more challenging ones in the garden is a very well-drained sandy mix. The ones that are 100% Onco's are grown under glass.

Iris Buttered Berries

Iris Bold Sentry

Iris Carole's Blue Heaven

Iris Babylon Prince

Iris Mohr Pretender


  1. I am always so impressed by you being able to grow these so beautifully. Thanks for all the photos!!

  2. They are an intriguing group of Iris with so many colours, and patterns